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The Ruby Lounge Announces its Demolition

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Following the tragic closures of iconic venues such as Sankeys, Sound Control and most recently Antwerp Mansion, Manchester residents are become begrudgingly accustomed to culture-defining destinations being forcibly shut down. Though this isn’t something that those invested in the culture are taking lightly (as demonstrated through the mass support and eventual re-opening of Antwerp) it is hardly surprising that in the city’s relentlessly developing climate another crucial venue has announced its demolition.

The Ruby Lounge, a unique space set in the heart of the Northern Quarter, will be closing their doors at the end of next year to make way for a £79 million city centre development. In a statement to the Manchester Evening News, a representative for The Ruby Lounge stated: "We have had a marvellous time over the last years as one of the few remaining independent live music venues in Manchester and have fought incredibly hard to stay open despite constantly rising costs and teetering on the brink of viability more often than seems possible."

"We have booked amazing bands, countless vibrant, energised and exciting new bands and partied hard in the face of adversity during our tenure."

With its stage having hosted an eclectic range of low-key performances from bands including Korn, The Courteeners, Florence & The Machine and Mumford and Sons, The Ruby Lounge’s closure is truly a loss for the history Manchester’s music scene.

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Describing the loss as “an exciting regeneration opportunity”, David Hodgson, CEG’s regional head of strategic development, went on to announce that the venue’s closure will bring the benefit of more spaces to eat, drink and shop. But don’t worry if you think that prioritising capitalism over culture doesn’t quite justify Ruby Lounge’s untimely end - because they’ve also promised to plant a tree.

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