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Hawnta: Guest Mix and Q&A

Updated: Apr 3, 2019


Favourite track(s) of this mix and why?

Burt Cope - Fiyah (VIP). Burt Cope's been doing bits for a while now and I saw him back in January going b2b with Dr. Oscillator, and this is probably my favourite tune by him, great sound design and big dirty synths.

Dr. Oscillator - ASBO. Can't ever go wrong with Dr. Oscillator, again I've seen him DJ a few times and it's always sick, so it's only right for me to play one of the biggest tunes from his album "Party Prescription". The dubstep style beat is really cool.

Xeonz - Merk All. Xeonz has really been coming up in the last year or so, and he always releases bangers. "Merk All" just happens to be one of my favourites, it always gets a crowd gassed and Xeonz's sound design never fails to impress.

A Manchester DJ/producer you're watching at the moment?

For a Manchester based producer/DJ I'd have to say my boy JoJo had some mad success on his "Hollaback Girl" remix last year, he's got some big tunes in progress that I've heard so everyone should keep an eye out for those to get released. I've also been a big fan of Mattik for a while now, I went to see him on the weekend and his set was banging. Finally, Nat Fanuel is doing some awesome stuff in the UK Funky scene and consistently putting on sick nights under his "Honey Pot" brand.

What's coming up for you this year?

This year I'm mostly focusing on passing uni, so unfortunately producing bassline has taken a bit of a back seat for the time being. I've privately sent some tracks to SoundCloud labels who have been interested, but by the time they're "finished" I'm never happy with them, so they end up getting scrapped. Hopefully 2019 I'll be able to show some work that I'm happy with. I've been producing quite a lot of hip hop recently though, so I'm going release some hip hop tracks this year under a different alias. So expect some music from me regardless of genre!