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Calibre & Jet Li: Push Through It

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

Calibre & Jet Li's collaborative two track release has arrived. 'Push Through it' carries an orchestra from the back of a stock drum and bass rhythm pattern. An injection of Saxophones and dramatic strings are the first ice-breakers before the super low walking bass line bursts in and brings it all together in a tidy package - reminiscent of early 2000's dance and disco floor fillers without all of the in-your-face-ness of a chart topper seemingly designed for overexcited children. Versatility appears to be the consistent idea in these releases from Calibre and Jet Li. The pair leave no stone unturned when extracting more flavours to fuse.

In the melodic landscape of Calibre & Jet Li's ‘Trees in the Wind’, haunting piano keys hung from trees swing and chime all the way along the winding routes that decorate this rhythmic forest.

This track moves and turns with a wind-like fluidity. The back & forth between the harsh and soft attacks of the snare drum throw elements of hardcore and techno against the acoustic to electronic melodies that reverberate through the negative spaces. This is not the track that will lead you out of the woods, it would rather creep behind you; disturb and augment the path that you choose to take. Calibre and Jet Li's 'Trees in the Wind' is a mere segment of the picture such a fusion of influences can create. This track highlights Calibre and Jet Li’s interest to fuse something as creative and complex as jazz with the minimalistic and high-tempo focus of liquid bass to create an auditory adventure... without the actual fear of getting lost in a random forest.

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