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Chase & Status Drop First Singles From New Album

Chase & Status are true heavyweights in the UK dance music scene. It’s been ten years since their prestigious debut album More Than A Lot was released, but even prior to this the London duo had been creating Jungle and DnB tracks. The pair are known for delving into new horizons, with projects such as their London Bars series in 2015 where they worked with various Grime and UK Rap MCs from the capital city.

There has been great anticipation in regard to their upcoming project, which will see Chase & Status return to their self-proclaimed Jungle and Jamaican-inspired roots from the 90s for the curation of their next album, RTRN II JUNGLE. In order to perfect the execution, they’ve spent time in Jamaica recording original Dancehall tracks with local artists. Using these tracks, they have created original samples for the album.

On August 30th Chase & Status released two tracks ahead of the album to give listeners a taste of what’s to come. The first, ‘Retreat2018’, impressively encapsulates the Oldskool Jungle sounds of the 90s combined with vocals from Dancehall’s Cutty Ranks. There’s Prodigy-esque sounds in the build-up that are followed by the warm, bass-ridden synths that feature throughout Jungle as well as other UK dance genres.

The second track, ‘Heater’, is another Jungle inspired track but with a more summer vibe to it. It contains General Levy as a feature but overall the track doesn’t stray too far from others of the same style. This being said, it does bring a lot of energy and could have an impact in the right live environment.

These releases truly express the title of the forthcoming album. They’ve managed to create authentic sounds that provide the listener with a taste of what inspired their career. They are also hopefully a taste of what the new album has in store. RTRN II JUNGLE should hopefully be the next successful project in what has been a decorated journey for Chase & Status.

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