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EiZO: My Sun / Mold

French record label Hyperactivity Music is most definitely flourishing. The label’s tactful focus on homegrown talent and careful consideration of underground drum and bass artists is working in their favour, highlighting talent we couldn’t have foreseen. Both established in the city of Marseille, Hyperactivity and upcoming artist EiZO were a match made in heaven. With the label providing a creative hub for EiZO, he was able to thrive and master his innovative music skills to create beauty and bass. His latest release on Hyperactivity consists of two brand new records, ‘My Sun’ and ‘Mold’, which further define his recent success and prosperity across sets in Europe over recent months.

Whilst the tracks follow similar motions, they succeed in taking us on two completely different musical journeys. With Alix Perez style vibes, both singles reflect the time and skill put into creating these two mysterious melodies. Despite its gently propelling build up, ‘Mold’ hits hard, blowing us away with it’s weighty metallic kick drums and fast hi-hats, setting a pace of power and filth. The pounding drum relays show the darker, heavier side to EiZO, as well as displaying his full potential to make a room go into frenzy.

On the flip side, ‘My Sun’ unfolds a different side to EiZO’s genius. It begins with tightly-fashioned drum rolls, creeping layers of percussion and a beautifully emotive piano melody; giving us a curious and compelling build up for what’s to come. When the bass drops we are graced by light drums and dark vibrations, which offer up impassioned and shaded undertones.

Its elements such as these that help the listener to recognise EiZO’s signature sound of underground beauty. Hyperactivity Music are without a doubt an aberration within their time, and with a back catalogue like theirs, it’s hard not to see the immensity of what they have to offer. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for releases they have waiting to be set free - you will not be disappointed.

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