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Heist: Spies

Heist is back once again with aggressive new release ‘Spies’. The London producer/DJ is a formidable Drum & Bass veteran, with multiple releases on a series of prestigious record labels, including DJ Hype’s Playaz as well as Metalheadz. Heist has remained prominent in the scene for well over ten years, consistently releasing head-spinning tracks across countless EPs and compilation albums.

‘Spies’ begins with a plethora of lightly layered synths that provide the listener with a false sense of security before introducing aggressive, delay-ridden Prodigy-esque sounds. The short build-up introduces a distorted dialogue sample with an extra-terrestrial feel. The drop unleashes straight hell, with the track mediating a back-and-forth between a high-pitched warning style sound (commonly used by Jump-Up artists such as DJ Looney) and a muddy bassline.

With the length of the track being well over five minutes, a considerable switch-up would have been welcomed at some point in the second half. That being said, this violently strong release from Heist combines both old-school and modern aspects from different Drum & Bass sub-genres and will undoubtably go off in raves for months to come. It’s exciting to anticipate what else Heist has in store for the D’n’B community in the future after this one.

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