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Chimpo on Manny's Music Scene & More

The legendary Manchester-based Producer/DJ Chimpo has been a key player in Manchester's music scene and beyond for a number of years. As well as being part of Manchester's super-group LEVELZ, Chimpo has collaborated with the likes of Dub Phizix, Trigga, Big Narstie, and most recently Kings of the Rollers (pree the video below for a cheeky cameo from Bloc2Bloc's Jack Banner).

We caught up with Chimpo to chat about his upcoming all-night set, what he thinks of the current Manchester music scene and find out what artists he's got his eye on this year!

We’re excited for your first ever all-night set at Mint Lounge tonight! What was the impetus to do

this now after so many years of DJing?

I usually play proper upfront party party shit. and I love it. But at home I'm playing all sort of sexy soul and psych rock and roots and culture - and that's me. In a one hour set I could never fully mix up all them vibes, it would just sound mental. But in 6 hours? I'm going all over the shop. Supermarket sweep. I've wanted to do this myself for ages but I'm long so I joined forces with Rich Reason. Now its Hit & Run vs Box 'n' Lock. Best of both worlds.

Having been involved within a spectrum of genres in Manchester, in your opinion which of

Manchester’s scenes is the most exciting right now and why?

There's defo factions where people have more similar vibes so they're together more. But otherwise I'm saying it's one scene. The Manchester scene. We all know each other, look after each other and we're all the greatest in the world.

What about Manchester’s music scene (as a whole) has changed the most from your early career to now?

It's expanded incredibly. It used to just be the jingly jangly guitar dons that got recognition.

Now all of us rapping, making beats, singing soulful stuff, doing all that good stuff,

there's an army of us now and we're finally getting some spotlight.

Your recent track with Kings Of The Rollers ‘Shella’ definitely deserves a music video of the year

award. How did your feature on the track come about?

I'm a big DnB / Jungle fan since I was a kid. I rate KOTR hard because they've not strayed to far from the formula and vibe of the 90's but they've updated the sound. Feel like they represent a balanced show of DnB. So yeah, 'cos of that I've always chatted to 'em as a fan of their music.

Voltage asked me to do a vocal so I did it rapid. Came together pretty easy to be honest.

What upcoming Manchester artists and DJs do you recommend we keep an eye on?

Sif & Kid Katharsis, Con M1, Blind Mike, Guilt, Rago Loco. That's a few of many.

Terms of artists that have been about but are on some next stuff, Chunky and Rolla's new music is insane!

What’s coming up for yourself this year?

I'm working on a big project. I'm not saying no more.