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Kode9 and Burial Announced For FABRICLIVE 100

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

The 28th of September marks the release date for the 100th and final edition of the Fabriclive mixes from the famous London club and record label, Fabric. Fabriclive is a series of 100 compilation album releases that started in 2001. Each is compiled by a different artist who is usually linked to the more bass-heavy genres such as Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Grime and Bassline. DJ Q, Holy Goof, Kahn & Neek and Monki are some artists that have hosted their own edition in recent years. Prior to the Fabriclive series, there was the Fabric series which was compiled mostly of Techno, House and Tech-House producers. Resident Advisor announced that for the final edition in the series Fabric have handed the reigns to Kode9 and Burial, both of whom are considered UK pioneers and are highly respected for their releases that display the darker sounds of electronic music production.

Kode9’s music has contained elements of multiple genres since he began releasing in the early 2000s, but he’s usually labelled as a Dubstep/Future-Garage producer. He is the founder of London-based independent label, Hyperdub Records, on which he signed Burial in 2005. Burial began his career being considered a musical anomaly due to his choice to remain anonymous. The intended purpose of this was so listeners would focus entirely on the music he makes, rather than the person who made it. Untrue, his second album released in 2007 combines Dubstep, Hauntology and an array of intriguing samples, such as obscure sounds from the Metal Gear Solid franchise, to create what many say to be the most important electronic album of the century.

Possibly the most intriguing aspect of Burial’s career is the fact that he has still to this day never performed live, which makes the extent of his popularity remarkable.

It feels wrong affiliating either of these artists to a specific style of music. Between them they are responsible for pushing the boundaries of genres in order to create distinct, original sounds that go on to influence the future of dance music. Although the two of them have not recorded a mix together since 2010, due to their combined discographies and careers, this will be arguably one of the most anticipated releases of the whole Fabriclive series.

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