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Lenzman Drops New LP Featuring DRS, Children Of Zeus & More

Following the releases of massive singles 'Pictures Of You' ft. DRS and 'Rain' ft. Children Of Zeus

earlier this month, Lenzman has had us eagerly awaiting the drop of his latest album, Bobby.

The wait is finally over! Featuring sparkling collaborators of the likes of DRS, Children Of Zeus, Konny Kon as well as guest producers Artificial Intelligence and LSB, Bobby is already making waves in the scene.

“I became a father a year or so before starting the album. My daughter had also

named her stuffed toy “Bobby” at the time,” Lenzman explains. Although the LP

was already taking shape that was fitting for me as a title. Becoming a Dad had

made me revisit my own childhood and look at it from a different angle. The

memories, influences and music from that period of my life were the most vivid

in my mind... the moods and feelings, all translated into the music on the LP.

I was raised by my father and he used to draw a lot back in those days, so it was

fitting for him to draw the cover, fragments of my childhood put onto paper.”

You can listen to the full LP here: