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Melissa: Guest Mix and Q&A


Favourite track(s) of this mix and why?

Each track is my favourite in its own way. I’m very particular over the music

I showcase and generally won’t play a track in a mix or at an event unless

it’s one of my favourites from my collection. I feel like I have a duty to my



I haven’t been mixing for very long (about a year and a half), so everything

I play is a reflection of what I’d like to hear if I was listening to someone

else play. I still think of myself as a spectator, but it just so happens that I’m

stood behind the decks.


The reason I’ve chosen these particular tracks is because they represent

the sound and tempo that I like; they’re all 140 bpm and they have the sub-

bass frequencies and wobbles that I love. I tend to choose a mixture of

what I call “bass-face” tracks (e.g. Verify Me VIP) and ones with a beautiful

melody (e.g. Fire and Ice). I also love blending old school tunes with new



This mix includes tracks from artists such as Hebbe, Bengal Sound, Vex’d,

Caspa, Ternion Sound, Rez, Boylan & Slimzee and Seven. It’s very rare

you’ll catch me playing a live set without dropping a Caspa tune!

A Manchester DJ/producer you're watching at the moment?

Rare Groove – they’re a duo consisting of two artists called Channell and

Zar. I first noticed them playing live streams on Bloc2Bloc, where they were

mixing liquid drum & bass and playing 100% their own production. They

both have great energy and their tune selection is on point.


When I’m not mixing dubstep/dub, I’m generally listening to liquid/minimal

drum & bass, so these guys are right up my street! I have a feeling they’ll

go far in the music industry.

What's coming up for you this year?

I recently released a guest mix for Peachy Events, a Sheffield-based label

which promotes new artists via their Peachy Podcast series. I also have a

few other guest mixes scheduled for various radio shows, a couple of which

are based outside of the UK. Although the 140 scene is fairly niche, it

seems to have a really wide international reach.

I’ll also be playing more live streams on Bloc2Bloc, a Manchester-based

radio show which showcases new/upcoming/established local talent. I think

it’s good experience playing to a large audience, and it’s also a great

opportunity to play back-to-back with my peers. I’ve previously played

alongside Killamanjaro, Indika, Senncoria and Kali - all smashing the music

scene at the moment, whether it be on the production/DJ side. Big shout

out to Jack Banner for making it all happen!

I’ve got a couple of events in the pipeline. This weekend I’ll be playing for Lovely

Dubbly at Joshua Brooks, where I’ll be supporting Dub Smugglers and Sappo. The

one after that is for The Wasted Kollective (a night that I’m a resident at which is

really pushing the 140 scene in Manchester at the moment) at Hidden on 17 th May,

where I’ll be supporting J-Kenzo, Youngsta and Cimm.


I’ve been blessed to have supported some of my favourite producers and DJs in the

industry over the past few months, such as Egoless (Hit & Run event), Caspa,

Hatcha and Kloudmen (The Wasted Kollective 2nd birthday) and LX One and

Biome (Shift debut). I also ended up playing back-to-back with Commodo at a

Worried About Henry event, which was pretty spontaneous and a lot of fun. That’s

one of the things I love about the dubstep community – no hierarchy, just pure family vibes.