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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

MISSPHIZZLEDOTCOM is no stranger to dropping serious vibes and unique flows on the independent platform of Room2Records. We caught up with the rising Manchester rapper

following the release of her latest single 'FWIW', out today.

What was the inspiration behind new single 'FWIW'?

Some waste guy who lied all the time...Well, that and Jay Rock. I love Jay Rock, I saw 'For What It’s Worth' when I was really pissed off one night and it inspired me. He inspires me, he’s a role model.

What are the biggest influences on your sound?

I suppose this stuff only comes out of me when i’m highly emotional about something, not really specific to any kind of emotion - just feeling someway about something. I’ve tried to sit and force things out, but i’ve realised it’s always shit. I just ride with it when it comes now. It’s working out for me so far.

How did you get involved with Room2Records?

I’ve known Ellis since high school & I’ve been mates with Kydro for about 10 / 11 years now. I’ve always kind of been involved just behind the scenes.

Manchester artists you’re watching right now?

Flex the Foreigner (Room 2), all of Voodoo Black - Ellis Meade, Dubbul_0 & Sparkz (Room 2), Eva B, Haleemah X, Daniellah Jordan, Miss Indigo & Mayo. There’s loads of music coming out of Manchester right now, it’s happening. Looks like 2019 is gonna be an exciting year in the city.

What’s coming up for yourself in 2019?

'Sex Money Weed' is the next release for Valentines Day, which is probably my favourite project so far and i’m really excited to release that next month. I have two more solo singles due to be released in March and April, there are also a couple of collaborations with a couple of ladies in the works that we can hopefully get out over the summer. Also, i’m currently working on an EP to be released around September/October time. So it’s a busy year. Keep looking out for it ;)