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Q&A with Kodiak Productions

Bringing a fresh taste of drum and bass to the city, the Kodiak team are known for the energy of their live events and the mixing mastery of their resident DJs. We caught up with Kodiak's Harry Chadwick AKA Shakes (who features in our Guest Mix series this week) to chat about the latest.

Could you tell us about your career, and Kodiak Productions?

We started Kodiak in September last year but we had been working on it for a lot longer before we launched it, it's been insane how quickly people have responded to it, since September we have now run 7 events and have alot more to come next year.

Any Manchester DJs/Producers you’re watching at the moment?

If you know the Manchester scene then you know it's all about Sl8r & Data 1 (the one real Data 3 member who lives in Manchester). Sl8r has been tearing it up for a long while now but other than them I'd deffo say you should check Zar & channel if you like your lo-fi style liquid beats.

What’s coming up for Kodiak Productions this year?

Big things..... coming soon, ahaha! Kodiak have a few large collab events lined up for next year with some features of some of DnB's biggest names and some of the uk's best venues, sadly that all a secret for now.

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