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Senncoria - Guest Mix and Q&A

Anton Gudkov began producing electronic music under the alias Senncoria in 2012 while attending high school in Latvia. Since having discovered his love for all things Dubstep, Anton has played legendary venues of the likes of Antwerp Mansion and alongside big names such as Bou, Warhead and Deadbeat UK. We caught up with Senncoria to chat about the premier of his Beetz Guest Mix and more!

What are your favourite tracks of this mix and why?

To be honest I can’t exactly pick the favourite one because for me they all really good in many ways. However, there are two songs that feel more special to me than the others. It’s “Crushed” by Truth ft. Lelijveld (07:39) and “Calamity” by The Widdler (12:13).

Ironically both have female vocals in but that’s not the reason J First song just has this very mixed vibe that makes me feel certain way, it’s very gentle and elegant but also heavy and pumping at the same time. Feels like her vocals lift you up and very high and when the drop hits you it’s almost like you got physically dropped on the floor and then bass takes over. Love this song a lot!

The second one is made in Egyptian scale and has this unique ethnic feel to it. It’s my favourite kind of vibe, mystical and beautiful, yet deep and dark. It probably appeals to me so much because in my own production I use ethnic scales and going for the same mystical vibe.

Who is a Manchester DJ/producer you're watching at the moment?

I have to say that I admire all the djs and producers from the underground scene in Manchester but I personally take more inspiration from music around me rather than certain people. The greatest thing is that there are numerous established talents about but also many new up and coming guys who are smashing it right now and getting out there. For me it’s very inspirational to see and it makes me work even harder to get to the place where I want to be. If, however, I would have to pick a producer it would be Siskiyou. He is deep dubstep producer from Manchester, delivers proper quality music and I was also fortunate enough to see him play live at the Rebellion (The Wasted Kollective night) last year.

Also I would definitely recommend to keep an eye out on the Flybug and Nicky Miles. Both are very talented producers and DJs, never fail to deliver energy with their songs and mixes!

What's coming up for you this year?

Two of my main aims for this year is to make as much music as possible and get as many gigs as possible. I’m currently working on my new EP (one of the songs is in this mix too by the way) which is bit by bit coming into a good shape. Apart from production, we run our collective/bass music label BLĀZMA and we are planning on coming back to making our own events later this year. So far we’ve organised 4 nights and we were fortunate enough to meet and work with many great people from the scene, so we can’t wait to get back to business! Also I’ll be going to Bloc2Bloc radio station more often (shout out Jack Banner!) because it’s a great opportunity to do what I love and expand the fanbase. Finally, I have cooked up one more guest mix for another platform called Peachy Bass which should be out later this week.

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