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Skittles Returns with Poor on Purpose LP

Manchester lyricist/producer Skittles - of LEVELZ infamy - has returned with his eclectic Poor on Purpose LP. As the follow-up to his (hugely underrated) 2012 offering Poor With £100 Trainers, Skittles' latest album is an all-encompassing journey through the artist's vast musical influences and styles.

With the track-list ranging from sombre soundscapes and poignant lyrics ('Paper Plates', 'Your Name' featuring DRS) to cheeky LEVELZ-esque bops ('Let The Bass Drop' featuring Truthos Mufasa, 'Bad Man Na Drink Milkshake Without Straw' featuring Fox), with room for a fierce dubstep moment ('I Am The Danger') as well as something that bears resemblance to a pop track, even without a hint of stylistic compromisation from the artist ('Init'), Poor on Purpose is the end result of what it would look like if you compiled the personalities of Manchester's music scene over the last seven years into one record. Which is, if inadvertently, exactly what Skittles has done.

A little bit raw, a little bit jaded, a little bit gimmicky, and a whole lot of authentically good music. An unmissable release for anyone who deem themselves a UK hip-hop fan, or a Mancunian.

Check it out for yourself here!

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