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Skream Announces Old-School Dubstep Set

On the 7th of March, Skream took to twitter to announce that he has confirmed an Old-School Dubstep set, which would be his first in 6 years. From the mid-2000s, Skream was known as a driving force behind the creation and progression of the UK Dubstep scene, with his debut album, ‘Skream!’ rightfully gaining a spot in our ‘Album Homage’ series.

The reason this announcement comes as a shock is because, in 2013, he seemingly ended his career as a 140 connoisseur, claiming that it was uninspiring to him and no longer a movement. He then started a new relationship with the genres surrounding 120bpm, which he has prospered in ever since.

He has previously teased his return to the genre, but nothing has ever felt as concrete as this. The location is still to be announced, but at the moment there is nothing to say that a North-West venue isn’t in the running. This might be optimistic, but we can only hope.