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The Rise of Aitch, Manchester's Newest Rap Genius

To say that Manchester prodigy Aitch has been making waves over the past months would be an understatement. His lyrical prowess and sharp execution have allowed him to deliver on his confidence, capturing the eyes and ears of multiple platforms and taste-makers.

Aitch’s recent activity came in the form of a double-drop on GRM Daily on the 11th and 22nd of November, consisting of a sharply executed Daily Duppy for the rebirth of the renowned series, as well as new track ‘Trust Me’. The two releases have shot him into the contemporary limelight, undoubtedly making him one of the most successful artists, views-wise, on the channel over the past months.

In May 2018, the release of “Straight Rhymes 1” on his own channel was a pivotal moment for the young rapper. Expected to amount to around 20,000 views, it has now racked up over 5 million and is responsible for the rise of Aitch, with even US channels making positive reaction videos. He’s been rapidly gaining attention in a scene that’s predominantly controlled by London artists and channels that only occasionally divert attention from the capital City, let alone to look up north.

Since Straight Rhymes, he’s featured on such platforms as Kenny Allstar’s Radio 1Xtra show and MTV Raps. Now achieving approximately 2.5 million views through these new releases on GRM, he’s firmly grasping the scene and proving that he is not to be overlooked. The fact that these platforms have given young northern talent the attention it deserves makes a refreshing change from the industry norms.

Although it could be argued that some of his lyrics suggest otherwise, in interviews and on social media he comes across as genuine, polite, down to earth and positive. He actively condemns the conventional glamourisation of themes such as drugs and guns, offering guidance to the youth by stressing that they aren’t valid career choices. He makes an effort to engage and interact with his fan-base and has an active, loyal following as a result of this.

Aitch’s impressive ability to enter and compete in this thriving scene on such platforms is a strong indication of a promising career for the teenager. He’s flying the flag high for Manchester and undoubtedly will for a long time if he continues to keep up the momentum.

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