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What Manchester Students Really Think of the City's Bouncers

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

By now, we’ve all seen the gut-wrenching footage of several bouncers descending on 18-year-old students Joe Sharratt and Leon Cooper outside Factory (FAC 251) in Manchester city center on December 3rd.

Despite the club’s license being revoked, a termination of employment for all involved and an apologetic press statement being issued (Factory condemned the incident as “appalling” and promised its “full support” to the police inquiry), the question of young people’s safety when attending nightclubs remains prompted.

While bouncers, by definition, are employed to ‘prevent trouble-makers’, the subjectivity of what defines someone making trouble and the measures that should be made to prevent such an act have caused uproar following Sharratt’s hospital admission with a bleed to the brain.

Manchester clubs such as 42’s and Revolucion De Cuba are implementing new tactics to avoid the escalation of dangerous alcohol-related situations through partnering with the Drink Aware initiative, but it remains to be seen whether more needs to be done across the city to prevent the occurrence of violence against young people.

Beetz Magazine spoke to students around Manchester and asked them to voice their experiences.

I went to Factory one night and got kicked out of club, which I didn’t complain about as I was acting a bit daft. However, I virtually stood still and handed myself in, I didn’t stop them from taking me at all. Despite this, the bouncers (about 4 or 5 of them) strangled me and dragged me by my neck, ripping my expensive Fred Perry jumper. They were extremely violent and it was completely unnecessary, so when the video of the very SAME bouncers went viral, it did not surprise me.” – Thomas, 19

Sometime last year I was assaulted by a bouncer in Lola Lo. I was drinking my drink and started to choke on an ice cube, so I coughed and spat it out onto the floor. I was then grabbed by a bouncer for ‘spitting’ and tried to argue my case, however he grabbed me by the throat and pulled me out of the club. I tried contacting Lola Lo about the situation however nothing came to light about it!” – Ryan, 20

A fight broke out in Deansgate Locks and while kicking out customers, bouncers took my friend to the ground and they hit him aggressively. It was about 4 of them vs 1. Absolutely horrifying night.” – Tala, 21

I know there’s a lot of people talking about awful experiences, but I have a positive one. There’s a bouncer who works at 42s and Mint Lounge who once rescued me from an assault. Every time I see him we have a chat; he’s just a really nice guy who does his job with honesty and respect.” – Annagh, 18

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